Ghosts of Novels Past

Let's hope the third year's a charm...

Emma Daiou
14 February 1988
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I am that one annoying chick on your LJ that only updates her profile information once a year (and that's usually just to change her age). ;3

Emma Daiou is....
21 years old.
A nonsmoker, but she's not an ass about it.
VERY new to drinking (see age).
Increasingly conservative.
An avid purveyor of Death Note fanfiction.
Getting to like original fiction again, and is working on her first novel.
Highly attached to her penname, which is based upon the deity, not the DBZ character, because she hates DBZ.
Obviously quite inclined to ranting.
A lover of all things languages. ♥
A complete and utter Latin nerd.
A lazy student of Japanese.
Obsessive compulsive.
Eccentric and rambling.
A lazy procrastinator who would never get anything done without a deadline.
More intelligent than her random cracky-ness makes her appear.
Not in your league (because she's probably below it).
Likely to flood your friends page with weird rants and fangirling.