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I love you, internet peeps...

...but I love my freedom of speech too.

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Oh dear, Emma has entered another of those hyper-organizational moods and has made a fic masterlist. o_0;;

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Writer's Block: Unplugged

For how much money would you be willing to spend a whole week away from the Internet, TV, and mobile phones? Would you suffer withdrawal pains?

The real question is, how much would you be willing to pay me as a test subject for this experiment? I'd do it in a heartbeat if it wouldn't cost me a week's pay, so... at least $200 should cover it. (I can't exactly stay away from the internet while working as a computer technician, now can I? :P)

I might have internet withdrawals at first, I'll admit. But I have these things called books that I've been dying to read ever since NaNo started, books I just bought within the last two months or so but have not allowed myself to read because I needed to concentrate more on writing. And I don't have TV anymore, although I might miss being able to watch videos and stuff for a while. But I absolutely hate phones, especially cell phones, so I would be incredibly happy to be rid of the noise and bother of them for a week.

Oh, how I would love a week away from technology!  D:

SOMEONE PLEASE DO A STUDY LIKE THIS SO I CAN HAVE A WEEK OF PEACE!!! Or longer! A month long study would be nice too!

The Return of the Atheism Debate

Living too much in the working world (the PC, you-get-sued-if-you-slightly-offend-anyone world) has made me forget what's it's like to be "different" in a cruelly uncensored real-life society. And by that, I mean high school, because that's about as uncensored and cruel as life gets for most of us.

Naturally, this line of thought spiraled from reading fanfic --> character being discriminated against in high school --> me happening upon atheist-related link on some other tab I had open --> me finding atheist-related things to get pissed about while still in the mindset of high school cruelty. Stuff like this. More proof that the internet has given me ADD.

There's no appropriately snarky phrase to put in this particular LJ-cut, I'm afraid.Collapse )

So I've been ignoring LJ (again) for quite a while, but what can I say? It's too big a subject for Twitter, and I had to get it out.

[ Personal, yes, but public because... Well, you never know, someone out there might just need to hear it. Just please keep comments clean if you happen to be part of that "public," okay? :P ]

Writer's Block: Help, I need somebody!

Do you think you would you risk your life to save a stranger? Would it make a difference if it were an elderly person or a child? What about a neighbor's dog or cat?

Children: For younger ones, say 12 or under, yes. They're (at least somewhat) innocent after all. For older kids, it depends on who they are -- I know a few teenagers who I'd love to see dead.

Animals: Yes. Dog, cat, neighbor's, doesn't matter, I would try to save them if I thought I could. I value the majority of animals far more than the majority of humans. :]

Family / Friends / People I know and don't hate: Yes.

Everyone Else: Can go fuck themselves. :D

Boredom leads to kanji victory?

So I'm at work. And I'm bored. And I can access LJ here (and not really anything else, thanks to the filtering). I still have over an hour of work left, but no actual work to do. Booooored.

Let's back up. I work in the tech department for a school system. It is presently summer, and although some people are still working, no kids are around and most teachers only come in occasionally to set up classrooms and such. Fewer people = fewer people using the school computers = fewer people screwing up the school computers = less stuff for us to do. For the last couple of weeks especially, we've had practically nothing to do. And that has led to a lot of us doing tedious and slow-paced stuff just to look busy for the Boss Man.

But instead of just staring at my computer screen all day, I've been bringing my deck of kanji flash cards and flipping through them whenever I get bored some down-time. Yesterday I even got bored with that, so I thought I'd change it up a little. Today, I brought my notebook to practice writing out the kanji instead of just flipping cards, since I haven't had time lately to just sit down at home and do that like I normally do.

There are 475 kanji in my deck. I quizzed myself on and wrote out every single one of them by 2:30, between bouts of actual work.

And I only made 12 mistakes.

They were little mistakes too, like drawing a hook wrong, or forgetting to abbreviate one of the pieces in a more bulky kanji. Only two were completely wrong -- one I mixed up with another kanji that has a similar meaning, and in the other I transposed the left and right pieces.

I'm super proud of myself, perfectionism and boredom paid off! XD

*happy dance*

OH, and I'm only one lesson away from finishing Part 2 of Heisig! I'm gonna try to get through as much of the next lesson as possible tonight, and then on to Part 3! ^_^

So I finally did this analysis majigger...

Why is it that I get a bunch of people I had to wikipedia-search for, and you guys got the super-mainstream ones? XD

Cut because I did waaaaay more than two or three and this post became huge. XDCollapse )

Good grief, that thing is addictively ego-boosting. I'll be pasting text into it all night if I don't stop now. XDDD

Never thought I'd be saying this...

...but I got a Twitter account. Is emmadaiou28 on there as well. >_>;;

It's pretty much just to follow Jen's snarky Twilight summaries, but who knows, I might find something fun to do with it at some point. In the meantime, I might as well follow all of you lovelies who also have Twitterses, ne?

So yes, gimme some names if I don't manage to find and follow you on my own. And maybe some suggestions for what I should post on my shiny empty stupid Twittermajig, because Twitter needs more snarktertainment!

Writer's Block: $10,000 and Some Change

How would you change the world with $10,000?

Screw the world, I need the ten grand! I work (at what is essentially a temp job) for minimum wage, and I'm over ten grand in debt between student loans and a credit card. On top of that, my new husband and I desperately need a bigger place and are scraping up every penny we can for moving costs and deposits. That money would be a drop in the bucket for "the world" -- ten million probably would be, in fact -- but it would do me a world of good.

(See whut I did thar? Oh yeah, master of pun is me.)

Selfish? Yep. But who cares about little labels like "selfish" when bills are due and the fridge is empty, hmm?

Home again home again....

...and completely braindead, but maaaan is it good to have our own bed back. Even if Toki is being as annoying as ever. XD

But yeah, got home safe (despite a dubious assassination attempt by an elk.. and kinda sorta getting lost in the Mohave desert), got rings on our fingers, got almost 2,000 pictures to sort through, and got a reception to plan for Saturday. So details will come later. Yes yes. XDDD


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